If you do buy a plant from us we hope you love it!


All plants are different and certain types have certain needs. Please be aware this is only a rough guide and it is always recommended to research specimens before purchasing.



  • Most of the plants we sell are happy in a draught free, well lit spot, with humidity and not too close to any radiators or hot water pipes

  • Flowering house plants and plants with variegated leaves like to be in a light position whilst plants with solid green leaves prefer a little less sunlight.

  • Cacti, succulents and carnivorous plants love a bright windowsill whilst ferns prefer a shadier spot.

  • In summer it's wise to move plants out of the window slightly - just in case they scorch.


  • We recommend keeping plants in a plastic inner pot rather than potting them straight into a ceramic pot with no drainage - it makes preventing a plant from drowning much easier.  A good way to check is before watering - give the soil a prod - if 1 inch of the soil from the top is damp - leave it. If it’s dry - give it a little drink.

  • Plants need watering more often in spring & summer than they do in winter. Tap water is fine for most houseplants but some - such as fly traps, are a bit more fussy!


To avoid any dust building up on your plants give them a occasional wipe with a damp cotton wool ball or pad. If bugs appear blast them off with a plant sprayer.


Orchids, Bromeliads, Calatheas and Ferns like a daily mist of water. Putting some damp broken ceramic or pebbles into the the bottom of the pot when repotting will also help increase humidity.


Snip off wayward branches & leaves with a set of secateurs. Remove any yellow or damaged leaves & pinch off dying flowers.


  • Some plants are toxic to pets if ingested. If you buy a houseplant from us or anywhere else please do some research before purchasing & house responsibly in a spot where it is unlikely to get eaten to avoid choking hazards.


  • RSPCA, Dogs Trust & Cats Protection offer really useful online resources, you can also speak to your vets for advice or just doing a online search of the plant  & animal can give you the answer.

If you’ve purchased a plant from us and require bespoke advice, please feel free to get in touch using our contact details below, or pop by our store at 404 Burley Road. Short Press are on hand; to offer expert advice for all of your plant care needs.



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